• Confederation of transport, transport-forwarding and transport-insurance organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, joint Uzbek and foreign enterprises and companies which are carrying out transport-forwarding and the related insurance and other operations on the market of the international transport-forwarding and insurance services;
  • Assistance and development of transport-forwarding industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Representation and protection of the interests of transport-forwarding industry of Uzbekistan on the internal and external markets of transport-forwarding services;
  • Coordination of efforts of ordinary and associated members of the Associatioa on expansion of their business activity on the internal and external markets and in admission between them of an unfair competition;
  • Representation and protection of the interests, of international forwarding agents and carriers profession in the state and public bodies, educational, research and project institutions, organizations uncluding international ones located within and outside the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Rendering of support and expansion of cooperation between the members of Association;
  • Increase in the quality of transport-forwarding service by way of elaborating scientifically grounded approaches, methods, technologies and recommendations, active participation in creation of normative and legal basis for its development, implementing international uniform FIATA documents and forms, standard trading provisions (INCOTERMS), as well as recommendations and results of scientific and other researches, carried out by Association in the sphere of domestic and foreign transport-forwarding industry;
  • Development of business cooperation with foreign transport-forwarding, insurance and other organizations;
  • Representation and protection of the interests of the members of Association in the International Federation of Forwarding Associations (FIATA), in other international federations, unions, associations and national transport-forwarding associations.
silk way
The main ways
within a period
of the Roman
empire heyday,
about 200 years
of our era

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