• Ordinary member of FIATA since 1996;
  • Is submitted in the General Council of FIATA;
  • Is submitted in the Board of Directors of FIATA;
  • Presented in the FIATA in the membership of the national associations of the countires of Asia and the Pacific;
  • Is submitted in institutes of FIATA:
    • Airfreight Institute (API);
    • Seafreight Institute (SFI);
    • Multimodal transport Institute (MTI);
    • Customs and Facilitation Institute (CFI);
  • Presented in the FIATA advisory body of legal matters, advisory body of public relations, advisory body of vocational training, advisory body of dangerous goods and advisory body of information technologies;
  • Is submitted in the membership of three governmental commissions: on licensing in the field of transport; on coordination of freight traffic via ports of Georgia; on foreign economic policy and attracting foreign investments of Interdepartmental Council on reformation and investments under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The association participates in preparation and examination of the projects of the standard and legal acts in the field of transport, transport and forwarding, transport and insurance activity, develops and issues the directory, scientific, techhological editions;
  • UIFA has the rights of printing and distribution of the following international unified commodity-transport and transport-forwarding documents and forms of FIATA:
    1. The Negotiable FIATA Multimodal Tansport Bill of Lading (FBL);
    2. The Forwarders Certificate of Transport (FCT);
    3. The Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FCR);
    4. FIATA Warehouse Receipt (FWR);
    5. FIATA Forwarding Instructions (FFI);
    6. Shipper's Declaration for Transport of Dangerous Goods (SDT);
    7. Non-Negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Waybill (FWB);
    8. Shippers Intermodal Weight Certification (SIC);
  • UIFA has received the special certificate permitting to carry out professional training of the staff in transport-forwarding industry.

Delivery of
FIATA certificate
granting the right of
personnel training,
September 21, 1998,
Sydney (Australia)

Acceptance of
the Association to become
FIATA ordinary member,
October 3, 1996,
Caracas (Venezuela)

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Alex Chigarev