Participation in foundation of the International Logistics Center in Tashkent

Shipping of automobiles from an automobile factory "UzDaewooAuto", Asaka (Andijan area)

Rendering of a complex of transport and forwarding services on delivery of export / import cargoes


Delivery of cotton cargoes to foreign firms


Information technologies for the transport sector

The Association participates as a partner in realization of joint efforts and actions in the framework of eINTERASIA project. The main purpose of ongoing efforts and actions of partners is the transfer of research results and best practices in the field of information technology and business - models for their adaptation, dissemination and application at the regional level.

The partners are: Riga Technical University (Latvia), University of Bremen, Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), Transport consulting company Logitrans Consult Ltd (Estonia), company Mitsoft"(Lithuania), Astana Innovations, Bisam Central Asia (Kazakhstan), Uzbek International Forwarders Association and Tajik Technological University.

The general concept of the transfer of information technology includes the following components:

Capability Maturity Transfer Model

Small exhibition (Showrooms) as a means of demonstrating innovative technologies in visual form for potential users.

Models and software and hardware platforms based on virtual reality technology to solve various design and engineering problems using methods of spatial design in 3D modeling.

Currently, based on the general concept of transfer of information technologies works web portals and in the Internet for users and performers of transport, forwarding and logistics services for freight transportation using intermodal transport, imaging technology components of technical solutions based on models of virtual reality in 3D and technology of digital signature.

According to the concept of transformation, the European partners are developers and providers of distributed technologies and models. Local partners from the region provide support in the dissemination of technologies and models, adapting to the local environment specialists.

If you have any questions you can contact us by phone numbers:

+99871 1405107; Fax: 998 711405106.


In order to facilitate the use of eINTERASIA portal resources provides guidance to the user. User_Guide_ENG.pdf

We ask users to fill in the attached evaluation form to assess the feasibility of the portal in the field of transportation of goods and send to the Association management to transfer to the developers in order for further summarizing, analyzing and making changes to the portal program.

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The final conference of the eINTERASIA project

On August 27th, 2015 in Almaty University of Management will be held a final conference at the regional level to discuss the results of the transfer of innovative IT solutions and technologies, knowledge and models in the region.

You can participate for free in the conference. Please contact the Center for Business Information, Sociological and Marketing Research BISAM Central Asia on their contact details: Tel .: 7-727-3780523; e-mail:

The registration form, see the website


Uzbek international forwarders association participates at events and projects realizing under the support of RC, GTZ, EC, InWEnt, ADB and UNDP.

Within the framework of the "Courses on training of freight forwarders" project, 90 specialists have passed training, among them trainers and students of masters courses of Tashkent automobile and road institute, Tashkent institute of engineers of railway transport, representatives of Ministry for foreign economic relations, investments and trade, specialists of transport-forwarding firms and companies from all republics of Central Asian region. After completion of courses special certificates were presented. Besides the specialists of national forwarders Associations and number of transport-forwarding organizations of the countries - RC members have passed training in Germany and Netherlands and learned advanced technologies of organization of forwarding of cargoes and work experience of national forwarding associations of these countries.

Also regularly carried out work on rendering of consultative-methodical assistance to inquiries of transport-forwarding organizations and organizations-customers of transport-forwarding services.

The Association in September, 2008 (Tashkent) participated at the international seminar of CAREC ADB with presentation of results of the carried out researches on creation of a network of transport-logistics centres in the countries of Central Asia.

The specialists of UIFA in November, 2008 (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) have taken part in the international seminar "Regional development of economy in Central Asia", at 3rd regional meeting of participants of Union of National Associations of Forwarders and Carriers.

Now conducting work on the below-mentioned projects:

1. "Capacity building and sustainable development of Forwarders Associations in Central Asian countries" (CA FORWARDERS NET).

Target entities and final beneficiaries:

Associations of international forwarders and transport-forwarding companies members of associations in Republic of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyz Republic.

The project intends: strengthening of transport-forwarding field; achievement of stronger integration, strengthening and creation of institutional potential of professional associations of the forwarders in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan; rendering of support to development and growth of competitiveness of the transport-forwarding companies; simplification of transport and trade-economic relations between the countries of Central Asia and European Union.

The project managed and coordinated by the Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding Transport and Logistics (NSBS).

The partners of NSBS are: Uzbek international forwarders Association, Association of forwarders of Kyrgyz Republic and German company LNBB-LogistikNetz Berlin Brandenburg e.V.
The project is financing by EC uropeAid/126-265/C/ACT/CAI.

On January 15, 2009 in Tashkent carried out meeting with the FIATA Vice-president, chief of a Consortium of partnership project - Mr. I. Petrov, delegation of NSBS in a Cabinet of Ministers, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Uzbek international forwarders Association. During the meeting were discussed and approved the plans of joint actions and actions on effective realization of project.

For additional information please contact:

E-mail: Tel.: + 359 2 971 48 22. (Mrs. P. Krastanova, project manager).


Meeting with the forwarders
of Uzbekistan

Before meeting in the House
of Government


Meeting with the forwarders
of Kyrgyz Republic


2. Institutional development of Union of national associations of forwarders and carriers.

The purpose of Union is to put joint efforts of participants for creation of the integrated information space, effective information interchange and advanced experience of work, advancement of mutual interests of participants to promote the development of transport, forwarding of cargoes, logistics, foreign economic relations and trade in the countries of Central Asia.

3. Creation of international logistics centre in Termez (Republic of Uzbekistan).

The purpose is to learn the opportunity of creation of transport-logistics complex in Termez for accumulation and distribution of export-import and transit cargo flow in southern direction, increasing the potential of Termez river port and organization of transportation of cargoes between Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan on the Amu Darya river.

4. "Creation of regional educational-consulting and research centre".

The purpose is organization of constant training courses, seminars and target trainings on professional training of specialists in the sphere of international transport, forwarding of cargoes, logistics, insurance and in accompanying spheres of services, rendering consulting and information support, realization of research works in interests of development of the international transport, forwarding and logistics, trade and economy in the region.

Web-master of "UzPAK"
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